I am a digital marketer, speaker, and mindfulness practitioner

Neeraj Ramnani

Alumnus, IIM Indore | Founder, GrowthFoundation.in & WebKow.com |
DCH (Neurohypnoanalysis), IPSA

I train people in two fields- digital marketing & mindfulness. Through these training sessions, I try to sow the seeds to create smarter businesses and happier teams.

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15 Years Of Experience As A Mindfulness Practitioner

Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present moment non-judgmentally. It has been shown by overwhelming amounts of research to have positive benefits to health, relationships and productivity. Like any other skill, it can be learned and improved on with practice. My training helps you understand in-depth what mindfulness is, why you and your organization should practice it, and how!

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11 Years of Experience as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing continues to transform businesses. Those businesses which embrace it, thrive. Those who don’t get left behind.
My training helps you understand the digital landscape and get clarity on strategies and techniques to use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the rest to succeed in delivering the highest value to your customers.

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What I offer?

The full-day and half-day workshops as well as online webinar training programs are available:

Digital Marketing Workshop


Digital Marketing Workshop


Mindfulness Workshop


Digital Marketing Training


Mindfulness Training


What People Are Saying

This is what people who have attended these workshops say about me:

What I liked most about Neeraj's training on digital marketing is that it is practical- it's things businesses can apply immediately and start seeing improved results. We've used some of the ideas learned in our own business, Shoppr.ai, and it has proven extremely valuable.
Nikunj Thakkar
Founder, Shoppr.ai
I have known and respected Neeraj for his calm and sorted attitude for a while now. Neeraj's session on mindfulness was a great balance of information, reflection, and experience. Neeraj takes you through the journey of mindfulness with a sense of humility and commands over the topic. Even though I was already aware of the topic, Neeraj's session was the turning point which pushed me one giant step towards being more mindful each day!
Smruti Mirani
Founder, CounSEL
Neeraj has an amazing energy and is pleasure to work with. His customization of presentation to the audience truly made the difference. Hope to connect with him again soon 🙂
Pankaj Patwari
Senior Mgr Trainer, Bank of Baroda

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Read the latest on my two key interests- mindful living and digital marketing!

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