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Digital Marketing Webinars for your team

Digital marketing continues to transform businesses. Those businesses which embrace it, thrive. Those who don’t get left behind.

My training helps you understand the digital landscape and get clarity on strategies and techniques to use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the rest to succeed in delivering the highest value to your customers.

About The Speaker

Neeraj Ramnani is the founder of GrowthFoundation.in and WebKow.com
He has been a digital marketer from 2012 and has worked with brands like The Adani group, Zee TV, The Arvind Mills, Bank of Baroda, DGMarket, ATIRA, etc. for trainings and consultation in digital marketing and in mindfulness.

He has done his MBA from IIM Indore and B.Tech from NIT Surat.

Trainings Available on Webinar for your corporate requirements:

Digital Marketing Principles

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization