Digital Marketing Training

What is Covered?

Our Digital Marketing Training covers all aspects that any organisation in the 21st Century should be well versed with.
It includes an introduction to Social Media Marketing- including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and others; introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and a hands-on experience of Google Ads.

What sets this training apart from others is that it is designed to be immeidately implemented- participants can take away ideas and practical lessons to apply to the business from the very next day.

ROI-Focused Training

Unlike many other forms of teaching which are theoretical, this training comes directly from entrepreneurs who have applied these techniques to build and grow their businesses.
There’s a clear understanding of business principles and the training is tailor-made to apply to real world business scenarios to give bottomline results.

Holistic Approach- Available on Webinars too

The training covers each and every aspect relevant in digital marketing for businesses. It will help you and your team to understand fundamental, unchanging principles of digital marketing as well as get a hands-on experience of using various digital marketing tools. Our free handout also includes over 90 free and powerful digital marketing tools. Here’s a sample brochure of a one-day training.

The training is available in physical workshops as well as in online webinar format (up to 250 participants)